Custom Wire Product Fabrication

Product Design, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, Our design and engineering teams turn your ideas into reality quickly and efficiently, enabling feed feedback and testing.

Rapid & On-Demand Fabrication

Rapid Manufacturing CNC equipment and recent advancements in rapid manufacturing allow us to Just in time (JIT) manufacture your products or parts as they are needed often overnight.

We Design

What you need,

We have created 100’s of different products over the years, here are just a small sample of the things we have done.

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Refine & Test

We design custom wire products in stainless, mild and galvanised steel. We can  fabricate mesh, weld, form and PVC coat metal to your requirements.

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Perfect &

Customer ready


Commercial wire designs unique facilities has the ability to produce locally, on time and on budget. Our automated CNC machinery can produce 24/7.

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Commercial Wire Design

Custom Product Design and Rapid Fabrication

Custom Design

We have Designed 100’s of custom products for refrigeration, hospitals, food production, retail & display, small business and architectural use. We work with you to produce (BTO) parts, one-offs, short production runs, you need.


Our Rapid Manufacturing CNC equipment and recent advancements in rapid manufacturing allow us to Just in time (JIT) manufacture your products or parts as they are needed. With our automated machinery we can often produce 100’s of parts overnight.


Shelves, Racks, Stands, Grills, Trollys
Our state-of-the-art and custom-built machines can form wire and light steel into almost any three dimensional shape imaginable, optionally powder coated with a durable, rust-resistant, anti-microbial PVC plastic coating.

Custom Shelving
and Racking

Commercial Wire Design are specialists in custom retail shelving and custom fridge & freezer shelving.   FIND OUT MORE

Commercial Wire Design is where functionality and aesthetics come together to create the perfect shopping experience. Whether you’re a boutique store, a large departmental outlet, or anything in between, custom retail shelving is the key to showcasing your products in the most appealing and efficient way possible. Join us as we explore the advantages and possibilities of incorporating custom shelving into your retail space.

  • Custom PVC Coated Supermarket Shelving
  • Custom Stainless Steel Supermarket Shelving
  • Custom Bakery Shelving & Cooling Racks
  • Custom Fridge and Freezer Baskets
  • Wire Freezer Shelves
  • Custom Self Facing Dairy Shelves
  • Custom Product Bump Stops
  • Custom Fridge and Freezer Fences


Tailored Refrigeration and Supermarket Wire Shelving Solutions

Commercial Wire Design, specialise in delivering custom refrigeration and supermarket shelving that is made to your unique needs

Enhancing Efficiency and Protection with Stillage Cages

Stillage Cages are the solution that not only shields your valuable inventory but also minimises handling errors and the risk of damages. Our custom designed cages streamline your operations, making them an the perfect solution for businesses seeking to improve their effectiveness and reduce costs

Pork Processing Smoking Trolley

Product          Pork Processing Smoking Trolley Client             Swickers Kingaroy Bacon Factory Pty Ltd / SunPork Summary      A stainless-steel smokehouse processing trolley, for pans and trays. Key Points Custom made wheels to resist heat and chemical cleaning,...