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Replacement & Custom Fan Guards

Need Replacement fan guards, grills and covers or does your manufacturing application call for a custom guard, grill, or assembly? We have built a custom Wire Fabrication service the can make any fan guard you need. Our CNC wire bending equipment is able to work with wires ranging from 4mm to 13mm in diameter. We also have multiple automated wire mesh welding equipment that can custom produce the mesh size you need.

We are Fan guard manufacturers

We custom make fan and equipment guards of all types and sizes. Our guards are all designed for optimal airflow and protection against injuries, send us your specifications and we would be happy to quote for you.


Commercial Wire Designs

Commercial Wire Designs Pty Ltd
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Storage cabinet production for QLD Fire and Rescue

Commercial Wire Designs has just completed a run of Fire and Rescue Aluminium storage cabinet...

Tailored Refrigeration and Supermarket Wire Shelving Solutions

Commercial Wire Design, specialise in delivering custom refrigeration and supermarket shelving that is made to your unique needs

Enhancing Efficiency and Protection with Stillage Cages

Stillage Cages are the solution that not only shields your valuable inventory but also minimises handling errors and the risk of damages. Our custom designed cages streamline your operations, making them an the perfect solution for businesses seeking to improve their effectiveness and reduce costs