Protection Net Canopy Hooks and Tie-Downs

Crop Protection Netting

Commercial Wire Design produce a wide range of net canopy hooks and tie-downs to help safeguarding your investment. Large scale protective net canopies are ideal a long-term solution for protecting crops, orchards and vehicles from the harsh storms and unpredictable Australian weather.



  • Orchard netting hooks
  • Berry netting hooks
  • Greenhouse netting hooks
  • Sunshade netting hooks
  • Poultry netting hooks
  • Aquaculture netting hooks
  • Garden netting clips
  • Greenhouse Plant Hoops
  • Grow Garden Tunnel Hoops
  • Netting C-Clips
  • Key-Head Galvanised Pegs
  • Bird netting clips
  • Automotive Protection net canopy
<br />
Automotive Protection net canopy</p>
<p>    Orchard netting hooks<br />
    Berry netting hooks<br />
    Greenhouse netting hooks<br />
    Sunshade netting hooks<br />
    Poultry netting hooks<br />
    Aquaculture netting hooks<br />
    Garden netting clips<br />
    Greenhouse Plant Hoops<br />
    Grow Garden Tunnel Hoops<br />
    Netting C-Clips<br />
    Key-Head Galvanised Pegs<br />
    Bird netting clips<br />
    Automotive Protection net canopy</p>

Stainless or Galvanised U pins

Heavy Duty U-Pins, V-Pins Square-top & Ground staples ideal for securing ground sheets, crop netting, garden and Irrigation pipes, weed fabric, landscape fabric, bark coverings, hoses, cable, artificial grass, and polythene sheets

Weed Matting and Landscape staples

Weed Matting and Landscape staples

  • Landscape Erosion Blanket U-Pin,
  • Matting U-Pin,
  • Netting U-Pin,
  • Weed Mating U-Pin
Irrigation hooks and U-pins

Irrigation hooks and U-pins

  • Irrigation U-Pins
  • Pipe Stabiliser

Galvanised irrigation pins for holding pipe in place.


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