Sports Netting ‘S’ Hooks


Commercial Wire Design produce a wide range of hooks for fixing and supporting Sports netting, Golf Driving Ranges, Gym Dividers, Cricket Training Nets, Indoor Sports Centre Divider Nets, AFL Behind Goals Nets, Hockey Field Arena Nets, Futsal Nets, Soccer Goal Nets hooks and U Peg Anchors.

When you buy from Commercial Wire Design, you deal direct with the manufacturer, ensuring low prices, professional advice and the ability to customise your order to your customers needs.

Our practice net hooks and clips, help athletes perfect their drives, goal kicks, overhead serves, and pitches or swings.


Facility managers love our hooks, clips, U-pegs and anchor pegs because they know they’ll hold their training and safety nets so securely that they never need worry about a ball escaping or a net falling down.

Sporting Netting ‘S’ Hooks

  • Netting hooks
  • Golf Driving Range Nets hooks
  • Gym Divider Nets hooks
  • Cricket Training Nets hooks
  • Indoor Sports Nets hooks
  • AFL Behind Goals Nets hooks
  • Hockey Field Arena Nets hooks
  • Futsal Nets hooks
  • Soccer Nets hooks
  • U Peg Anchors Goal Anchors/
  • Goal U Pegs

Safety Netting hooks / Clips

  • Safety Net Thimble Hook
  • Fauna Crossing hooks
  • Wire Rope Ladder hooks

    Everything we make is custom made,
    your size, your thickness (4mm to 13mm),
    your choice of Galvanised, mild steel or stainless steel


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