Medical, Pharma and Food Processing experience

Medical equipment manufacturing

Commercial Wire Designs manufactures stools, tables, I.V. stands, surgical case carts, Sharps trollys and carts, and many other stainless steel and chrome items.

Food processing equipment manufacturing

Featuring very sharp prongs, tough and sharp enough to penetrate even the toughest cuts of meat. Hanging your bacon while smoking also aides in a softer and more tender final product. 

Easy to use, easy to clean – a high quality product to take your bacon to the next level!

Pork Smoking Trolley

Pork Smoking Trolley

These units are design allows for fast removal and easy changeover of smoking sticks and trays. Manufactured from heavy duty 304 stainless steel with solid oven proof casters, it also features 6 wheels, with centre pivot for easy steering to make manoeuvring of the trolley easy.

  • 6 Wheels, with centre pivot for easy steering
  • Stainless steel Locking bar to hold product
  • Upgraded frame strength
Commercial Wire Designs