OEM Manufacturing

OEM Manufacturing allows you to use Commercial Wire Designs as your manufacturing company to create your own products. As an experienced manufacturer we have experience understanding clients and can help mass-produce your whole or just a part of your product, with a production line is set up just for your needs.

You benefit from
Commercial Wire Designs
highly specialised CAD-CAM
technology and experience.

We can create the complete product parts, or a subsystems according to your specifications. These product or components are then delivered to you for sale or final assembly.

You keep all trademarks and intellectual property rights associated with your design and products.
Since your company is designing the components to be made, all associated rights belong to you.

The main advantage you get when working with Commercial Wire Designs is that you receive fast turn-a-round, cost effective products. You benefit from the automation, fast turnaround, and economies of scale as we can create any amount of goods you need. By using us as your OEM manufacturer, you receive high quality goods.

Let us help you design
the product you need

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