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We love challenges and collaborating with clients.

We work with you through every step of your product development from research, planning and design, including engineering, testing

We’d love to discuss your project, and find out whether we can assist, or even just to offer our expert guidance on how you can take the best next steps to commercialise your product vision.

Design-ConceptStep 1 Concept; Come to us with your idea, Share it with us. It could be anything from a sketch on a napkin to a detailed CAD file

Design-ConceptStep 2 Design & Engineering; Define and spec the idea, This will very quickly help us help you discover if the prototype can actually be produced and meet your goals.

Design-ConceptStep 3 Prototyping; Create the prototype, Remember prototypes don’t have to be perfect the first time, (or even do everything they’re supposed to do).

Design-ConceptStep 4 Testing; Test the prototype, in he environment or product it will be used. Make a point of getting feedback from real people before you commit to production, when the prototypes get more detailed and closer to a final product, however, you might want to consider testing on a wider range of users so as to get the most relevant and helpful feedback.

Design-ConceptStep 5 Customer Feedback; Let the Users and customers contribute Ideas, consider testing out several versions of your prototype on users to gather feedback. This helps to solicit critical feedback — because people tend to hold back on overtly criticising prototypes. When you present your users with alternatives, you allow them to compare the various prototypes and tell you what they liked and disliked about each version, and so you will get feedback that is more honest.

Design-ConceptStep 6 Revise and Adjust; Odds are that the first prototype won’t meet all of your expectations. Revise and adjust the prototype, and repeat to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Design-ConceptStep 6 Product Launch; Now, it’s time to start producing, Long run, Short Run, It’s your choice


Short-run manufacturing

Commercial Wire Design Short-run manufacturing enables your businesses to change the amount produced to match market needs quickly. Commercial Wire Design manufacturing processes are better able to meet demand levels, minimising your inventory and chance obsolescence, while reducing logistics and warehousing costs, which negatively impact your company’s profits


Commercial Wire Designs

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Storage cabinet production for QLD Fire and Rescue

Commercial Wire Designs has just completed a run of Fire and Rescue Aluminium storage cabinet...

Tailored Refrigeration and Supermarket Wire Shelving Solutions

Commercial Wire Design, specialise in delivering custom refrigeration and supermarket shelving that is made to your unique needs

Enhancing Efficiency and Protection with Stillage Cages

Stillage Cages are the solution that not only shields your valuable inventory but also minimises handling errors and the risk of damages. Our custom designed cages streamline your operations, making them an the perfect solution for businesses seeking to improve their effectiveness and reduce costs