Wire forming, PVC coating, and more

Commercial wire designs unique facilities provide you with The unique abilities needed to produce the products that you want locally on time and on budget. Our automated CNC machinery can produce hundreds or thousands of products in a continuous 24 hour run.  Saving you money by producing objects with ultra-short just in time Supply, when you need it, all based in south-east Queensland.

Some of our Facilities include
  • Automated 3D wire forming
  • PVC plastic coating
  • Mesh welding
  • MIG & TIG welding
  • Butt, spot and resistance welding
  • Rapid fabrication
  • OEM product development

The range of products is limited only by your imagination including hooks, brackets, prongs, pockets, handles and guarding. In range of materials, including mild steel, stainless or galvanised steel with a protective layer of chrome, zinc, PVC coating.

Three Dimensional Wire Bending and forming

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Commercial Wire Designs