Mesh Welding

Tailor-made and fully bespoke mesh welding to suit your needs

Commercial Wire Designs mesh welding machinery gives you the option of tailor-made and fully bespoke welding mesh from straighten pieces or coil. Custom mesh welding offers you infinite versatility and possibilities for adapting the item to the needs of your finished product or the individual customer needs.


Mesh Welding Line

Commercial Wire Designs SCHLATTER PG-12 mesh welder is specifically designed to weld a very high-quality product and can be adjusted to make a wide range of products. It is equally well suited for quick changeovers or long product runs.

Wire diameter: 2-8 mm
Working width: 1250 mm
Working length: 6000mm
Line wire dist: 10-250 mm
Cross wire dist: 10-250 mm
Output strokes: 90 min

Schnell Versa

Programmable automated mesh welder

• Shelving systems in wire and sheet metal construction
• Baskets and drawer systems up to a height of 400 mm
• Three-dimensional applications such as fan protective grating