MIG & TIG Welding

TIG Welding

(Tungsten Inert Gas) is a versatile method of joining thin pieces and sheets of aluminium, copper, magnesium and other stainless steel and non-ferrous materials. While slower and more complex process than MIG, TIG welding is an ideal solution for more intricate projects that require a better finish of weld.

MIG Welding

MIG (metal inert gas) welding is generally used for larger and thicker materials. It uses a feed-wire that acts as the electrode as well as the filler material. TIG welding is much faster than MIG, resulting in shorter lead times and lower production costs. MIG welds are not as precise as TIG but it requires little to no cleaning and finishing..

Which is better TIG or MIG welding?

TIG welds are better for thinner metals and smaller projects because they produce precise and clean welds. MIG welds work well with larger projects with thick metals that need longer, continuous runs. Control: TIG welders need to have experience with timing and balancing materials in both hands.