PVC Plastic Coating



Durable, Rust-Resistant, Anti-Microbial

Commercial Wire Designs uses a European made “bell-oven” type fluidised bed plastic coating machine to give wire and wire products a durable PVC coating. We can coat almost any kind of metal object, including shelving, tools, coat hangers, garden tools, dish racks, etc.

continuous line PVC coating machine

Our Italian made continuous line PVC coating machine with central chain and fluidised bed.

A major advantage of our process is the minimal material wastage we achieve. Commercial Wire Designs coating process only uses PVC plastic that is adheres to the object itself. The remaining material is still remains in the tank for the next dipping process, making the process of dip coating, or plastic coating, a cost effective and environmentally responsible manufacturing choice.

Advantages of fluidised bed coatings include:

  • Thicker coating than powder coating
  • Small components can processed cheaper because there is less handling
  • It is possible to coat inside components where access is a problem
  • The coating encapsulates the object – all parts of the object are covered
  • There is no wastage – 100% utilisation of PVC
  • Provides a durable, rust-resistant, anti-microbial surface
  • Particularly effective for wire and wire products
PVC coatings

Commercial Wire Designs PVC coatings offer a high degree of flexibility and water and chemical resistance, and may be used on a wide variety of products including: wire, wire mesh, dishwasher baskets, and frozen food shelving. Because Commercial Wire Designs machines are largely automatic, objects can be coated quickly (overnight in some cases)


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