Protection net canopy hooks and tie-downs

Commercial Wire Design produce a wide range of net canopy hooks and tie-downs to help safeguarding your investment. Large scale protective net canopies are ideal a long-term solution for protecting crops, orchards and vehicles from the harsh storms and unpredictable Australian weather.

Automotive Protection net canopy
  • Orchard netting hooks
  • Berry netting hooks
  • Greenhouse netting hooks
  • Sunshade netting hooks
  • Poultry netting hooks
  • Aquaculture netting hooks
  • Garden netting clips
  • Greenhouse Plant Hoops
  • Grow Garden Tunnel Hoops
  • Netting C-Clips
  • Key-Head Galvanised Pegs
  • Bird netting clips
  • Automotive Protection net canopy
Netting - Protection Tie-Downs
Weed Matting Landscape staples

Stainless or Galvanised U pins

Heavy Duty U-Pins, V-Pins Square-top & Ground staples ideal for securing ground sheets, crop netting, garden and Irrigation pipes, weed fabric, landscape fabric, bark coverings, hoses, cable, artificial grass, polythene sheets and so on.

  • Irrigation – Pipe Stabiliser U-Pin,
  • Landscape Erosion Blanket U-Pin,
  • Matting U-Pin,
  • Netting U-Pin,
  • Weed Mating U-Pin
Irrigation hooks and U-pins