Custom Stillage Cage Manufacture & Design

Stillage Cages, Pallet Cages, Stock Cages, Roller Cages

Commercial Wire Designs Custom design and manufacture Stillage Cages, Pallet Cages and Roll Cages all custom designed to suit your needs and daily operations.

Pallet Cage Repairs

Our custom Stillage Cages, Pallet Cages, Stock Cages, Roller Cages can be made Collapsible, foldable or stackable what ever you need with doors and drop down gates

  • Your cages can be made stackable
  • 4 high loaded or 2 high when in transport
  • 750kg, 1000kg 2000kg load capacity
  • Choice of mesh, bar or steel panels
  • Finish: Painted mild steel, galvanised steel or Stainless steel
  • Made to your custom dimensions or
  • Australian pallet footprint (1165 x 1165mm)
    or custom sizes

Commercial Wire Designs is a local Queensland designer, manufacturer and supplier of custom steel cages and stillages. Talk to us and deal directly with the designer and manufacture. We will work with you to design the unit that exactly suits your needs and daily operations.

Stillage Cage Repair

Commercial wire designs offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for Stillage cages, Pallet cages, and Stock cages and trolleys. The use of Stillage cages, Pallet cages, and Stock cages make material handling operations easier faster and makes return logistics more efficient, saving up to 80% of space. Commercial wire designs has the experience, CNC mesh, bending and welding machines. We also have purpose built in-house spray booth, will all the necessary equipment to re-spray and re-brand all types of stillages.

Make your material handling operations faster, reduce breakages and make return logistics easier and more efficient, Commercial Wire Designs manufacture Brisbane Stillage Cages, Brisbane Pallet Cages, Brisbane Stock Cages, Brisbane Roll Cages in house