Large Stillage Cage 2280 x 1180 x 765mm
Small Stillage Cage 1110 x 545 x 720mm


• Large Stillage Cages 2280 x 1180 x 765mm
• Small Stillage Cages 1110 x 545 x 720mm


Marsh Alliance/ Marsh Springs,


Redesign of Stillage Cages for Marsh Springs Australia’s largest spring maker. These Cages are custom designed to suit Marsh Springs exact logistics and warehousing needs.

Key areas of focus

A key part of this project was to ensure that both the large and small still each cages were customised exactly to suit the tasks required. Time was spent working with the production staff from March Springs to guarantee that the finished product was durable, transportable, stackable, and tough enough to still be in use many years from now


• Customised design to suit Marsh Springs unique requirements
• Durable hot dip galvanized zinc steel construction
• Thicker steel for added strength required for heavy metal parts
• Stackable (4 high when empty/2 high when loaded)
• Built in NO-Slip Stacking cups