In the world of food retailing, is where presentation and functionality meet, the right shelving solutions can make a real difference. We specialise in creating an inviting display, optimising storage in refrigeration units, or enhancing supermarket layouts, the choices you make impact the shopping experience. At Commercial Wire Design, we specialize in delivering custom refrigeration and supermarket shelving that cater to the unique needs of your space, ensuring efficiency, organization, and an attractive shopping environment.


Custom Refrigeration and Supermarket Shelving: A Perfect Fit

Every retail space has its own dimensions and requirements. Our custom shelving solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your store’s layout. Whether it’s refrigeration shelving tailored to fit your coolers and freezers or supermarket shelving that optimizes floor space, Commercial Wire Design create solutions that match your vision and maximize utility.


Supermarket Freezer Shelving: Frosty Organization

Efficient supermarket freezer shelving is the backbone of organized frozen product storage. Our freezer shelving solutions are crafted to withstand low temperatures while ensuring easy access and optimal product visibility. No more digging through icy layers—our shelving keeps frozen products neatly organized and accessible.


Custom Display Shelving: Showcasing Your Best

In the art of visual merchandising, custom display shelving is your canvas. We understand that products deserve a stage that highlights their features. Our display shelving solutions are designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, allowing you to create eye-catching arrangements that captivate shoppers’ attention and drive sales.


Commercial Fridge Shelf Dividers and Product Stops: Order in Abundance

A well-organized commercial fridge is a testament to efficiency. Our shelf dividers and product stops ensure that items stay in their designated places, preventing disarray and spillage. Say goodbye to the frustration of toppled products. With these additions, maintaining order becomes second nature.


Wire Supermarket Shelves and Wire Fridge Shelves: Strength and Versatility

Wire shelving is a workhorse in retail environments. It offers strength, durability, and the benefit of easy ventilation. Our wire supermarket shelves are designed to handle a variety of products, while wire fridge shelves maintain optimal air circulation, ensuring uniform cooling across stored items.


Stainless Wire Shelves: Combining Style and Utility

Stainless steel exudes modern elegance, and our custom-made stainless wire shelves are no exception. They not only offer the benefits of wire shelving but also add a touch of sophistication to your retail space. These shelves are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and long-lasting appeal.

At Commercial Wire Design, we believe that the right shelving solutions transform retail spaces into a showcase of efficiency and aesthetics. From custom refrigeration and supermarket shelving to freezer organization and display excellence, our offerings are custom designed to lift your store’s functionality and visual appeal. With a keen understanding of your unique needs, we’re here to create shelving solutions that stand as a testament to our commitment to enhancing the retail experience.


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